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Video Demo Of The Wagner HVLP Control Spray Max Paint Sprayer

HVLP sprayers are great for spraying small items that require a high quality, ultra-smooth finish. Although you can paint an entire wall or ceiling with an hvlp this is not what they are designed for. HVLP stands for high pressure low volume and they simply do not put out enough paint for jobs with a lot of square footage. An airless is the best paint sprayer for those types of jobs.

However, HVLP spray rigs are terrific for spraying doors, trim packages, lattice, railings, fences, shutters and even furniture. Because the flow of paint is greatly reduced when compared to other types of sprayers, hvlps are much easier to control the amount of paint being applied allowing the user to paint smaller items that do not require a heavy coating typically produced by airless sprayers.

If you are unfamilar with how an hvlp works, this short video by the folks at Wagner shows a couple of their models in action and offers some helpful advice as well. If your painting needs are primarily doors, trim or cabinets the Wagner 518080 is a great value. Its easy to use, even for a beginner with great pricing.








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