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Wagner Airless Paint Sprayer Review

The Wagner ProCoat Airless Paint Sprayer is a portable, lightweight airless that's easy to set-up, clean and carry around your job-site with ease.

wagner procoat airless paint sprayerIf you're looking for a dependable, easy to transport airless sprayer under $175.00 this Wagner airless paint sprayer is definitely worth looking at. With 2800 psi and a 1/2 HP electric piston pump this little rig can spray everything from an entire house to fencing, storage sheds and patio furniture.

Designed for occasional, not daily use, this airless is a perfect fit for the do-it-yourself homeowner, a handyman, or for small jobs and touch-ups if you're a contractor. It's also quite versatile because it can be used to spray a wide variety of different coatings. By simply adjusting the tip size in the gun you can spray latex, heavy elastomeric coatings, oil base primers, clear sealers, stains and varnishes with professional results.

This versatility, combined with its lightweight adds to its value when you consider the fact that it can be carried easily up a ladder, placed in the trunk of your car and moved from spot to spot by anyone. With it's sturdy base the Wagner Airless Paint Sprayer can be set up on a roof or balcony further extending your reach on jobsites that are more then one level. Included is a commercial grade steel spray gun with a 515 reversible cleaning tip. A 515 tip is perfect for most interior paints, oil base enamels, stains and sealers. For exterior latex paints I recommend 519 sized tip as exterior grade paints tend to be coarser and thicker. A small collection of reversa-clean tips is always a good idea to have on hand. They're relatively inexpensive and very easy to interchange with this gun.

Another great feature are the adjustable pressure controls located on the front of the machine. Different coatings, wind conditions and tip sizes will require different PSI to reduce overspray, runs and heavy build-up. The entire sprayer can be set up in 5 minutes or less by simply attaching the pick up tube, spray hose and plugging it in to your power source. Once the work is complete, you can attach a garden house directly to the sprayer to flush out the pump, line and gun with minimal hassle, making clean up a lot easier.


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Wagner ProCoat Airless Paint Sprayer – Technical Details

½ HP electric motor, piston driven with 2800 PSI
Comes with a heavy-duty spray gun and 515 reversible spray tip
Includes 25 feet of flexible high pressure spray line
Sturdy grip handle for easy lifting and transport
Clean up attachment for garden house to flush out latex paints
Sprayer dimensions: 17.5 x 14.7 x 12.8
1 year warranty

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wagner airless paint sprayerThis Wagner airless paint sprayer is not designed for heavy daily use for a couple of reasons. First, the motor is not large enough to withstand daily commercial usage. Further, the piston rod is not engineered for long term heavy use either.

If you are painting your house and you need to use it everyday for a few weeks it should hold up fine - but for contractors who need a pump to spray all day, everyday you'll need to look at a larger airless sprayer for sure.

Smaller airless sprayers like the Wagner ProCoat Stand can also be a little tricky to get primed and to stay primed. Less power means less pick-up and even though this rig can deliver great results it can be a little slower to fill the pump and lines with paint so that it is adequately primed and holding pressure. Having said that, we're also talking about an airless paint sprayer under $200 that even a child can lift and carry. As a professional I used to keep one or two of these as back-ups, or to carry onto roofs and porches. As a homeowner, I don't think you can go wrong with this machine for the money. Just keep it clean, stored properly and the piston lubricated and you will get many years of use out of the Wagner Airless Paint Sprayer!


Here's what one owner of the Wagner ProCoat  Airless Paint Sprayer had to say:


"This sprayer really gets the job done! I was able to paint the entire front of my house in just a few hours after buying this thing. Getting it to prime and the clean up at the end were kind of pain, but I suspect that goes with owning a paint sprayer. You dont have to completely clean it if you are going to use it the next day, just put the gun in a bucket of water."

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Wagner paint sprayer


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