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 Titan Airless Paint Sprayer

This Titan airless paint sprayer is ideal for spraying interiors, exteriors, fencing, lattice work, doors, shutters or even wicker furniture...

titan airless paint sprayerThe Titan X250 is another lightweight, easy to transport airless sprayer designed specifically for the homeowner or as a light duty paint sprayer for the contractor. I wanted to list this particular sprayer because of the lower price available when purchasing a factory reconditioned machine.

Titan paint sprayers have been respected by contractors in the painting industry for a long time. Professional painters know that Titan airless paint sprayers are durable, well built and will last for years when properly cleaned and maintained.

Similar to the Wagner ProCoat this machine can be easily picked up and moved, carried up a ladder or placed in the trunk of a car. The convenience of one person being able to lift and move the rig is a nice option to have, especially if you are the only one on the project. Despite its size, this Titan airless paint sprayer has a ½ horsepower electric motor, maximum pressure of 2800 PSI, and is capable of pumping 25 gallons per minute. These specifications are more then enough when painting projects of all sizes and will perform just fine for large exteriors, interiors, fencing, barns or sheds.

Another great feature is the quick-flo valve located just under the motor. The quick-flo valve allows the user to purge the lines and pump of any air, allowing for a faster and consistent priming of the machine. This can save considerable time and aggravation because it makes priming of the pump so easy. This model also has a transparent quick-check power cord. At a glance you can look over at the plugged-in cord and instantly see if the power supply is hot or not. This is very helpful in determining the source whenever the sprayer stops pumping – which can happen from a triggered GFI breaker, or when enough pressure has built up within the pump.


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Titan X250 Airless Paint Sprayer – Technical Details:

Commercial grade ½ horsepower electric motor
Stable and durable stand
Quick-flo valve for easy priming
Quick-check power cord
Heavy duty spray gun with 415 tip
Total weight under 24 pounds
Dimensions: 11.5 X 12.5 X 17.5 (inches)
90 day warranty

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titan paint sprayerThis Titan paint sprayer comes with 25 feet of flexible, high pressure spray hose which is fine for small jobs, but another 25 feet of house is recommended when doing high work or larger jobs. Not only will the additional hose help extend your reach – it means less times having to move your paint and sprayer during the day.

The gun that comes with the Titan airless has an in-line filter too. This is an important feature to have because it reduces the chances of your tip getting clogged. Some paints are coarser then others and sometimes trash or debris can fall in the bucket as well. Again, the less time you have to clean a clogged tip the faster the job will get done.

Although this machine is a refurbished unit, the work is done at the factory and when you take delivery it looks almost brand new. Normally, I would like a longer warranty then 90 days, but as I've said before, Titan's reputation for quality is very good and with reconditioned sprayers if there any problems they usually happen in the first few days of using it. Besides, to be able to own a Titan airless paint sprayer for under $200 is a good deal for anyone needing an inexpensive but powerful professional grade airless paint sprayer.


Here's what one owner of the Titan Airless Paint Sprayer X250 had to say:


"This machine worked as advertized. It took me a little time to get the hang of it but once I got rolling it worked like a champ! I do recommend getting a spray tip extension wand and an extra 25 ft of hose – it will save you a lot of time. I'm glad I bought this sprayer, it was well worth it."

G. Duer

review paraphrased for size - read original review here

titan x250 reconditioned airless paint sprayer


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