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 Graco Truecoat Plus

The Graco Truecoat Plus with its new ProSpray technology gives you the ability to paint metal doors, louvred shutters or rattan furniture with a beautiful finish and professional results.

graco truecoatWithout a doubt, Graco has long been the go-to manufacturer for all types of paint sprayers among professional painting contractors. With outstanding engineering, tough and durable, Graco sprayers are probably found on more commercial job sites then any other paint sprayer manufacturer. So when Graco announced their new ProSpray Technology was being used in small hand held cup sprayers everyone in the painting industry wanted to see how well it actually worked.

The reason this is considered a major breakthrough is because cup sprayers, (small hand-held portable sprayers) have never been able to produce a smooth finish. The small electric motors and the engineering of cup sprayers have never been able to properly atomize paints without an appreciable amount of orange peel texture. A fine finish has largely been unachievable with these portable airlesses due to the resulting flawed texture that tends to dry with a pitted or “orange peel” appearance. Because of this, professionals would only use these types of sprayers for rough textured substrates where a smooth finish wasn't really necessary.

The Graco Truecoat Plus has improved upon this tremendously. Although it hasn't completely eliminated orange peel dry downs it is 100% better then any other hand-held airless on the market. The spray pattern can be adjusted to two different fan widths by changing tips (two are included in the kit) – something unheard of with previous models. The atomization of the spray is much finer then its predecessors making it acceptable for many surfaces requiring a smooth finish. Is the finish as smooth as an HVLP or an airless with 311 – 313 spray tip? No, it's not... but for surfaces that do not require an ultra fine finish it does a good job.


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 Graco TrueCoat Plus – Technical Details: 

Easy set up and easy clean up with their simple 3 step tutorial
32 ounce cup with liners and top cover
2 reversi-clean spray tips with wide and narrow fans
Heavy duty storage case with 4 ounce bottle of motor lubricant
Shoulder strap
Product weight is 9.7 pounds
Dimensions: 15.3 x 13.9 x 5.9 inches

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graco cup sprayerNote: the Graco TrueCoat Plus is not cordless and it is not as light as you might expect from a hand-held unit. The unit without paint is almost 10 lbs, which is actually heavier then some conventional and hvlp spray guns. The included shoulder strap can be a big help if used strategically to help ofrset the burden of holding 12 pounds up in the air for hours on end.

My suggestion is to buy the flexible extension wand. This handy adapter will extend your reach significantly, it can be configured to spray while using the shoulder strap, and it will allow you to paint overhead ceilings and soffits without having to vertically tilt the cup-gun causing it to lose its prime.

If you are looking for an easy to store sprayer for occasional painting projects or touch-ups the Graco TrueCoat is the best hand-held on the market today. Easy to set up and easy to break down its ideal for someone looking for a portable and simple solution for spray painting. However, if your objective is fine enamel work you may want to consider an hvlp instead. Despite the improvements this unit is still not what I would use for custom interior doors or trim where a glass-like finish is required.


Here's what one owner of the Graco TrueCoat Plus had to say...

"Graco has designed a really great product with this sprayer. The cup needs filling often, but the final look was beautiful and there was very little overspray. I've been a painting contractor for 20 years and although this is a prototype and not yet perfect, I loved working with it and was very impressed with the results!"

K Fritz

review paraphrased for size - read original review here

graco truecoat plus 


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