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Video Guide For The Graco TrueCoat Plus Cup Sprayer

In the past, hand-held portable cup sprayers struggled with delivering a nice, smooth finish. This was not a problem if you were painting rough or textured surfaces. But for doors, cabinets or custom trim where a super smooth finish was needed these little cup sprayers always left a textured finish that was unacceptable for quality workmanship.

The Graco TrueCoat is head and shoulders above the competition. The technology or engineering from the manufacturer has been able to dramatically improve the atomization of the coating - reducing much of the orange peel texture typically seen with this type of sprayer. Although an hvlp will deliver a smoother finish, and an airless will pump more paint per minute.... this is an excellent sprayer for the home, handyman, or as a portable touch-up sprayer for the contractor.

In this video the manufacturers walk you through all the basics of these new cup guns with great demonstrations and a lot of useful information to help you in deciding whether or not this is the right sprayer for you. As mentioned in my review, the adjustable extension wand is something you should consider purchasing along with the unit. Not only does it allow you to extend your spray pattern, but it works great for painting ceilings and for using the shoulder strap instead of having to hold at arms length 12+ pounds of paint and sprayer!









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