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How To Clean An Airless Pump, Hose and Spray Gun

Cleaning and flushing out your new airless paint sprayer is one of the most important things to do if you want your rig to last. Not only can paint or sealers solidify inside the hose or gun, residue can easily contaminate whatever you are spraying next, possibly discoloring it or affecting its ability to dry down correctly.

But thats not all... a paint sprayer not flushed out properly will begin to see corrosion and a breakdown of internal parts. Valves can be affected, hydraulic rods can be scratched and damaged, packings can be eaten away by trash or solvents, etc etc. The bottom line is that cleaning your rig the right way is essential if you want it to last.

This video tutorial shows in great detail all aspects of how to clean out an airless sprayer at the end of day. They go into the spray gun and tip, flushing the line, the pump and important external components that should be cleaned too. Finally, they also explain the importance of using the right solvents inside the hose and gun... when it's OK to leave water in the rig and more. Although this video demo is with the Graco Magnum, much of the principles and practices remain the same for other airless models as well.