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Paint Sprayer Reviews - How To Choose The Best Paint Sprayer For Your Next Project

Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or an experienced  contractor, having the right hvlp or airless paint sprayer is a huge time saver. Check out my  expert reviews, buyers guide and current available discounts!

paint sprayer reviewsPaint Sprayer Reviews 2014
With the right pump, gun and spray tip you can tackle everything from large exteriors to louvered doors in less then half the time with the traditional brush and roller. Spray application is not always the best nor the most feasible way to get some jobs done. There will always be times when brush and roller application makes more sense.

 But... a good hvlp or airless paint sprayer can save hours of labor when used correctly and are worth their weight in gold for many types of projects. The key is knowing what paint sprayer would be best for specific projects.

Obviously, the contractor pumping 100's of gallons per day will need a different machine then a homeowner or handyman who is painting small projects. Other options include gas versus electric, gun and hose requirements, and knowing the correct sized tip for the type of paint, sealer or stain you'll be spraying.

best paint sprayerThe paint sprayers I've reviewed are some of my favorite spray pumps best suited for the homeowner, handyman, and contractor looking for an affordable lower priced machine. There are dozens of other models available, some of which I may have over-looked.

The hvlp sprayers and airless paint sprayers I've listed are all solid machines from reputable manufacturers - I don't think you'll be unhappy with the pumps I've recommended on this site. Not only that, but Amazon's prices are very tough to beat.

So, with that out of the way let's get into the definitions, uses and general info about the different types of paint sprayers available to choose from.

Looking For A Discount?

 Wagner Paint Sprayer - Control Spray Max HVLP
wagner 518080SprayerThe Wagner 518080 is a compact HVLP sprayer that is easy to set up, easy to clean and works great for painting lattice fencing, wrought iron, doors, cabinets and even patio furniture. T
his machine is perfect for the homeowner, handyman, or do-it-yourselfer looking for a powerful sprayer at an affordable price.

Contractors will love it as a back-up hvlp due to its superior spray pattern and quality finish for a sprayer in this price range. This Wagner paint sprayer comes equipped with an electric turbine motor, an air pressure control knob and a heavy duty metal spray gun. For projects around the house or as an occasional use sprayer this hvlp pump will last for years and delivers a beautiful finish.

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 Graco Paint Sprayers - Magnum X5 Portable Airless
graco magnum x5The Graco Magnum X5 is another lightweight airless sprayer with one exception... this machine has the engineering and durability to be used by both homeowner and contractors for a variety of different jobsites and applications.
 From stains and sealers to block-fil and elastomerics, this little pump can get the job done.

Small enough to carry up a ladder or transport in the trunk of a car, the Magnum X5 can handle up to 50 ft hose, operates off standard household current and is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Priced under $300.00, and with Graco's reputation in the painting industry - Graco paint sprayers are a terrific value for the money.

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 Wagner Paint Sprayer - The Wagner ProCoat
wagner procoat airless sprayerWith 2800 psi and a 1/2 HP piston driven pump, this Wagner Paint sprayer is the best airless paint sprayer on the market under $200.00.
 Lightweight and easy to transport, this airless paint sprayer is capable of shooting everything from complete exteriors, interiors, ceilings, overhangs, barns and fences.

This is a light use sprayer (not built for daily use) but is still powerful enough for occasional big jobs if neded. Versatile in what it can spray, this machine can handle latex, oil, sealers, stains and elastomeric coatings. A water hose connects to the intake valve allowing for an easy flushing and cleaning at the end of the day. This Wagner paint sprayer comes equipped with a commercial duty metal spray gun, 25 ft of pressurized hose and one reversable 5-15 spray tip. 

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  Titan Paint Sprayer - Titan X250 Airless Sprayer
titan x250 airless sprayerThe Titan X250 Airless Sprayer is another portable airless paint sprayer that can be used for spraying everything from the outside of your house to small work like shutters, louvred doors or cabinets.
 Equipped with a commercial grade 1/2 horsepower electric motor, 2800 psi, a transparent quick-check plug, pressure flo valve for quick priming and a rigid, stable platform.

I listed this sprayer because Titam paint sprayers have a great reputation for quality and has been the "go to" airless by professional painters for many years. Additionally, being factory reconditioned means a great price for an airless paint sprayer that for all intensive purposes is brand new.

This item is currently available at over 15% off retail price with free shipping”
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 Graco Truecoat Plus Paint Sprayer
graco truecoatThe Graco TrueCoat is an innovative hand held cup sprayer that can be used to paint trim, doors, lattice fencing, popcorn or textured ceilings, louvred shutters, siding and overhang.
 Using its new ProSpray technology this Graco paint sprayer is head and shoulders above other cup sprayers in its ability to atomize paints and reduce "orange peel" textures typically found with other units.

In the past it has been difficult for cup sprayers to deliver a fine finish and although the spray pattern is not as fine as an hvlp or an airless with small spray tip... the TrueCoat comes pretty close. This Graco paint sprayer comes with a handy shoulder strap to use while spraying, a rugged plastic carrying case and 2 spray tips, one narrow (3-11) and wide (5-17).

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Graco Paint Sprayers - TrueCoat Video Demo...


Paint Sprayer Reviews Buyers Guide

I have purchased and used 100's of different spray rigs since 1974 beginning with an old Graco 333 hydraulic Airless paint sprayer that was the size of a small refrigerator! There was no such thing as reversible self-cleaning tips and packings for the pump were always having to be repaired. In many cases on the job-site while the gun and lines were filled with paint! Having said that, today's airless paint sprayers have evolved tremendously. With superb engineering in both design and functionality the performance of the rigs listed on this site have improved tremendously while the maintenance and pricing have come down.

The purpose of this site is to help you know and understand the different kinds of paint sprayers available today so you can make the best decision possible in selecting the right spray rig for you. Additionally, I've researched and selected the machines that I believe have the best value at the lowest possible price.

 hvlp sprayer

Paint sprayers today fall into one of the following categories:

Airless paint sprayer
HVLP sprayer (high volume low pressure)
Hand held cup sprayers
Conventional or air sprayers

Each of these paint sprayer "types" are designed to accomplish different tasks. In order for you to know which one best fits your needs it's important to have a general idea of what you'll be painting as well as what each rig is designed to do. Here are some common questions you need to ask yourself:

What is the viscosity (thickness) of the material you intend to spray?
How often will you be using this spray pump? Daily use or just occasionally?
What type of surface will you be painting? Metal - block - wood - sheetrock?
How much surface area will you be covering? Big jobs or small?

Note: Don't worry about getting too specific with the type of surface or the viscosity of the paint you'll be using when answering these questions. If you are looking for an all around sprayer for your home or for occasional use most of the airless paint sprayer models will work just fine by using the appropriate sized spray tip and adjusting the pressure.


Airless Paint Sprayer

graco airless sprayerAirless paint sprayers are the most versatile of the different types of paint sprayers to choose from and are the most frequently used by painting contractors for interior and exterior painting projects. These pumps come in various sizes and can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the needs of the job it's being used on.

An airless paint sprayer works by atomizing various coatings using high pressure without air to force the material through a very small orifice spray tip. As the paint leaves the tip the size of the orifice determines the volume of paint being put on the surface along with the size of the spray pattern. Airless spray pumps are the preferred method of application for most residential or commercial projects because over-spray is minimized and larger volumes of paint can be pumped when compared to other types of sprayers.

Smaller rigs are perfect for occasional use or for ease of transport if you need to put it in the trunk of your car or carry it up a ladder to work on a balcony or roof. The smaller sprayers can be easily lifted and moved by one person without ruining your back or requiring a helper. All of these things are important when you are trying to choose the right paint sprayer - you simply can't do that with the larger airless sprayers due to their size and weight.

Larger spray pumps certainly have their place though. You'll want a bigger pump for large jobs where hundreds of gallons of paint are being applied per day. In many cases the contractor will want to run multiple hoses and guns off of one machine - with the pump running all day long 5 or 6 days a week. However, for the average painting contractor, handyman or homeowner a small airless paint sprayer with an assortment of spray tips is all they will need. Especially when you consider how inexpensive some of these rigs are today, combined with their convenience and portability - the return on investment is really good.


HVLP Sprayer

wagner hvlpHVLP stands for "high volume low pressure" and is a hybrid version of an airless and an air sprayer. An hvlp paint sprayer works by forcing pressurized air with a lower volume of paint through the tip into a fine mist with less cloudy overspray then a conventional or air sprayer.

It also does a better job at controlling overspray then an airless due to the low volume of material being applied. This makes the hvlp sprayer a perfect fit for small jobs like doors, shutters, wicker furniture, etc because you can easily control the amount of paint going onto the surface.

Similar results can also be accomplished with an airless by turning down the pressure settings and using a small orifice tip, although this does require some experience and is generally reserved for the more experienced user.

I don't recommend buying an hvlp paint sprayer if you plan on painting a larger project. This would include most exterior and interior house-painting because the pump simply cannot spray enough material fast enough to do a good job in most cases. If you want to use it to paint an occasional section of overhang or some lattice railings (as examples) then it's probably fine... but to repaint your house a small airless would be a better choice.

However, if you plan to use it for small items it's a nice sprayer to have as long as you get one that properly atomizes the paint. Lower end hvlp's tend to leave more of an "orange peel" finish rather then a nice smooth finish. You shouldn't have any problems with textured dry downs or orange peeling with the hvlp sprayers I've recommended on this site.


Hand Held Cup Sprayers

graco cup sprayerCup sprayers are compact, hand held electric sprayers designed for homeowners, hobbyists, small jobs and touch-ups. Ideal for occasional use where a super smooth automotive finish is not necessary, these little hand held sprayers are actually airless powered and quite versatile.

You can paint or stain furniture, appliances, shelving or shutters to name a few. All that's required is to put paint into the cup, attach it to the base of the gun and start spraying. Homeowner's love these cup guns because of their convenience, small size, and easy clean-up afterwards.

The big drawback to cup guns is their inability to spray super slick finishes. The small electric pump simply cannot atomize the paint into as fine a mist as the other sprayers. This can cause an orange peel finish or a slight texture on smooth surfaces after the paint has dried. If you are using this on rough surfaces or if an ultra-smooth finish is not important then these little sprayers are great to have on hand. I'd also like to add that the technology behind these cup sprayers has improved dramatically over the last 5 years with a marked improvement in several areas.

The pick-up tubes are now designed to allow for the free-flow of paint even when holding the gun sideways when painting ceilings. Pressure and the volume has increased allowing these little guns to spray larger areas - and the textured spray pattern has definitely improved as well. Of course, smoothness and a quality finish can often be a subjective value. What may be acceptable to me, might not be for you. Hand held cup guns have these limitations and you need to be aware of that when using it.

Air Sprayers

air sprayerAir sprayers are also referred to as conventional sprayers by most tradesmen and work by atomizing the paint with high pressured air delivered by an air compressor. The spray pattern is oval or round and results in a substantial amount of overspray due to the amount of air mixed with the paint. Air sprayers are the weapon of choice for most cabinet makers and automotive painters. The high degree of atomization allows for an exceptionally fine mist of a low viscosity material to be applied with professional results.

Although some craftsmen will use the air sprayer "in the field", most users of this type of sprayer work in a specially constructed spray booth with exhaust fans. The reason for this is because without an exhaust fan the cloud of overspray will land on the painted surface after it has been painted creating a flawed finish in both the sheen and texture. As a residential and commercial contractor I do not have a lot of first hand experience with conventional spray rigs so I will not be reviewing any on this site. I'll leave that to the more experienced cabinet and auto-body guys and girls!


Selecting the best paint sprayer is easy when you know what each type of sprayer is designed to do. For more information on a specific hvlp sprayer, airless paint sprayer, and available discounts you can check out my paint sprayer reviews by clicking on any of the links in the right side bar. Good-luck and happy painting!





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